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We are in the business of sharing stories, but stories are made in the hearts and minds of those who surround us. At Opus Affinity, community is essential.

Opus Affinity can confidently say that the University of North Georgia, its Mike Cottrell College of Business, and the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation have been a backbone for our education, journey, and capability as a startup. UNG has provided more then just a valuable education, they have cultivated our teams’ mindset, knowledge, and drive to strive forward, and given us the resources and opportunities to launch forward effectively and efficiently within our community and the Greater Atlanta Area.

Although UNG is based out of beautiful and historic Dahlonega in the mountains of North Georgia, their program is far from rustic. The Mike Cottrell College of Business gives students an innovative learning environment, and focuses on producing modern and relevant intellectual contributions as well as ethical and proven leaders to both their community and the business world. Their curriculum and drive is not only cultivated by professors and field experts, but also by real business leaders in their community. This shines through their PROS program, and their programs such as entrepreneurship and business management. Specifically, their entrepreneurship program is uniquely divided into a three-step program that cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset through modern and evolving ways. This process begins with a course in idea development, proceeded by a course in customer validation and proof of concept based on lean startup, and ending with a capstone involving a true startup creation summed up with a true business plan and startup pitch with real financials and marketing research.

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The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a new center out of the MCCB, but has already made huge strives in their community. From hosting their own first annual competition, to cultivating real networking connections and resources for their students and small entrepreneurs, the CEI is quickly becoming an influential and resourceful establishment of a growing region in North Georgia. Outside of UNG’s class program, this center gave Opus Affinity amazing resources, and most importantly feedback from real entrepreneurs, leaders, and C.E.O.’s that put us in the correct and defined direction forward with amazing mentors to join us on our journey. Without these resources, OA would’ve been on a much harder journey without support that we now consider priceless.

If you are looking for a quality education, or want to learn more about UNG and what their business program entails, please visit https://ung.edu/mike-cottrell-college-of-business/!