Opus Affinity Team

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Meet the Management Behind the Mission!


Chief Operations Officer

Chief Executive Officer


Caleb Hearn

Caleb Hearn is a young entrepreneur looking to direct Opus Affinity towards a bright and successful future. Caleb grew up around small business with his father starting and running multiple businesses, and has worked within its unique domain and stories for years, managing small teams and solving problems in his work along the way. As founder and CEO, he has great ambition for the company, and has a great love in stories and how they are shared. Along with work experience and mentoring, Caleb also is graduating from the University of North Georgia with a business administration degree in management with an entrepreneurial focus.

Opus Affinity is Caleb’s brainchild, originating off of a Christmas discussion with his father in front of a bottle of wine. Thinking of how thought is always a key ingredient in gifts, and how wine is a frequent go-to, the two brainstormed a creative story-telling solution. After Caleb entered into the entrepreneurship program at UNG, he took the idea forward through the program refining and cultivating through modern standard customer validation, research, and development processes. Caleb will take this experience forward to lead Opus to success, and scale in a defined direction as we quickly grow in capacity and scope.


Samuel Herrera

Sam Herrera is an up and coming entrepreneur looking to help Opus Affinity share businesses from across the nation share their stories. Sam is originally from Denver but has lived in the Cumming area for most of his life. His passion for entrepreneurship and small business management drove him to complete a degree in management with a concentration in entrepreneurship from the University of North Georgia. He hopes to have a strong impact on his community through all of his business ventures.

Sam has been with Opus Affinity since the fall of 2018 with the initial hopes of capturing the InnovateUNG prize and competing in the statewide Georgia Inventure Prize. After being apart of the same entrepreneurship program at UNG as Caleb, and watching Opus grow from an idea to a scalable service, Sam joined the team to take Opus to the next level. Presentation and personal interaction skills are his biggest strengths and Opus has provided a strong outlet to put these skills to work. He hopes to continue using these skills and more help grow Opus to its fullest potential, and focus on servicing businesses across the state and the country. With his direction, Opus will scale efficiently, and always have a direction with businesses in mind as a crucial member alongside founder Caleb Hearn.