Key Partners

Opus Affinity is far from alone in our startup venture, and have many partners, mentors, and key interested future clients to bootstrap our swift journey to becoming a real force in the market. Below are just two of our most key partners. Etowah Meadery was our first partner from the start, and is more than eager to go forward with our service, while Belac Marketing is a key compliment partner for our current and future clients that transforms how customers view their businesses, with a modern focus on digital marketing, social media, and customer value.

etowah logo.jpg

Etowah Meadery

“Located in Dahlonega, the very Heart of Georgia’s Wine Country and Wine Tasting Capital of Georgia, Etowah Meadery gives “wine” a unique buzz!

In fact, Our Meads are made with only the finest honeys, fruits, and spices!

Mead has been enjoyed by enlightened civilizations throughout time. Mead’s enthusiastic acclaim is known to China, Europe, Africa, anywhere in the World that honey is produced. Etowah Meadery strives to resurrected this golden elixir and nectar of the Gods for the enjoyment of all today. Mead, a True Gift from the Ancient Ones.

We invite you to experience our uniqueness!”


Belac Marketing

We are a small marketing firm focused on modernizing todays businesses, with a special focus on adding value to consumers. In today's world, social media is a toolbox, and knowing what social media does what for a business can be complex, especially with how quickly trends change. We follow an innovative philosophy focused on not only how we can grow a customer base, but also how much value is given to each consumer, which leads to a loyal and returning reaction time and time again! Our abilities range widely, from pure marketing purposes, digital design, media representation, website construction, consulting, and more. With highly competitive rates and services, Belac aims to promote customer growth and value in every way we can, with the aim of growing your business, representation, and reach rapidly in turn. Although we are a small operation based out of Dahlonega, Georgia, we have big ideas to go forward and grow in the greater Atlanta area and further.